Saturday, November 2, 2013


Art refreshes the soul.  

Think. Often, we become trapped in the present moment. 

I certainly do.  Likely you do as well.  

Consider: "Will he/she approve?" 

"Am I acting uncharacteristically?" 

"What will they think?" 

All thoughts - internal questions - I have encountered.  You may have as well. 

Face-to-face with ancient beauty as I was today at the National Gallery of Art , one quickly realizes, if only for that moment, how fleeting is our every essence. (Link contains low quality images; I thought it disrespectful to use flash, and the best exhibits prohibited photography)

The peculiar intrigue of El Greco's art has persisted  throughout the breadth of time.  

How you or I do on our next project likely won't. 

So, why worry all that much about today??

Perspective.  It's what is most beautiful about art. 

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  1. Link did not work. No pictures to appreciate.