Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Bit About Sequester...

As you are no doubt aware, on the first of March, the Budget Control Act’s draconian cuts to federal discretionary spending will be enacted.   

Unless, of course, Congress acts first.

Woe is me. 

Of course, my situation is far less dire than the prospects of some.  Should sequester occur, many defense contractors, in particular, will lose jobs completely. 

In their case, sequester doesn’t disrupt their lives, but crushes them.  Often forgotten, these are real people.  Americans.  Many of whom served their country prior to contracting, are extremely patriotic, and would happily sacrifice for the greater good of the country. 

Their only demand? That said sacrifice is reasonable. Sequester, with its broad, non-strategic budget reductions, is clearly not.

Worse, it is not practically effective.  A real solution to our deficit requires adjustment to the federal government’s mandatory spending. Not discretionary.

As for me? Sequester would likely only disrupt my life.  The federal agency for which I work has indicated that the new budget reality will likely require furloughs of one-day per pay period. 

While this may not seem like much, the reduction in salary, in my case, is not negligible.  It’s the difference between moving closer to work, as I intend, or continuing my three hour per day commute.

Unfortunately, those in positions to exert most influence are also those least affected by work reductions.  Highly paid upper management, many of whom already bank military pensions, sees the loss of a workday per pay period as unpaid vacation. 

They are not to blame.  That should be directed toward Congress.  Particularly, in my estimation, at House Republicans and Senate Democrats.

Of course, before March first, all Congress has to do is act.

Like I said, woe is me.

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  1. I will e mail and post this to everyone I know.
    I really don't think most Americans realize what is really going on inside the the Capitol.
    10 days to get people aware.

    I will do my best for you and all that are affected.