Saturday, January 26, 2013

Beautiful Times

Has humanity ever lived in a more conveniently intellectually stimulating time? 

I am prone to exploration by nature. Unfortunately, financial limitations (or, more precisely, my desire to test them) confine my physical travels. 

But the internet, woefully under-appreciated really, allows me infinite journeys. 

Random reddit browsing followed by some Wikipedia wandering uncovered a fortress in France. 

In a sense, unlike any imaginable only a bit more than a decade ago, I am there. 

In the background, Pandora and YouTube deliver any pleasant sound I desire to greet my ears. 

Thousands of miles away, I can listen to local radio of my choice. King FM in Seattle, mostly. 

A thirst for knowledge can now be so easily quenched.  Before me, the browser tabs I have opened: Bill Gates, Rockets of the World, Lake Baikal, tracking the Antonov 225...

The Library of Alexandria, magnitudes multiplied, is the world wide web. Accessible by fingertip. 

What a wondrous world in which we currently live! 

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