Friday, December 14, 2012

A Tale of a Cat, Not To Be

They say every good writer needs a cat.  

In my case, a feline friend is desired by a writer who simply wishes to be considered good. 

So, today's report is entered with a bit of a heavy heart.  

I will not be adopting a cat.  Not now at least.  

But let me tell you about the little fellow who I intended to claim. 

That bugger is Delphi.  Who, in my house, would become 'Roux in honor of distinguished Flyer, Claude Giroux.  

I spent over an hour in the Fredericksburg SPCA, lingering, and wandering.  Each time I passed this cat's space, it stared me down and vocally beckoned me in. 

Despite hoping for a cat a bit more orange to fit the name, I gave in.  Entering the "cat condo," Delphi was total affection, brushing against my leg, purring, constantly circling me.  

This is one cool cat. 

And one I am seriously disappointed not to be taking in. 

Unfortunately, the financial realities of my apartment complex's pet policy are pretty daunting.  But they are manageable. 

The truth is, there is a more restricting concern. 

While I am mostly content with my life and prepared to embrace stability, there is but a single issue outstanding of which I can not presently control.  It's capacity to potentially upset my life makes pet ownership, for now, irresponsible   

And unwise.  Especially for the cat.  

Hopefully resolution comes quickly.  

When it does, I will surely add a 'Roux to my life.  

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