Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving was nearly perfect

The holiday provided almost exactly the experience desired. 

If perfection were judged solely by my satisfaction, than perhaps "nearly" could be removed. 

But, alas, no holiday is perfect without the presence of my sister. 

Besides her absence, Thanksgiving was as fulfilling an experience as I could have desired. 

Mom prepared an absolutely excellent meal. 

This particular holiday, however, will forever cleave to my heart because of the discussions had. 

An aunt and I discovered much in common.   Already a family member, I look forward to us being great friends!

Pops and I bled the night dry reminiscing until past two in the morning. 


The food was decadent.  


It will be the time spent with family that I recall fondly forever. 

Perfect. Nearly.

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  1. I Simply adore you little brother. I love you very much!