Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rustic and warm...

It's truly unfortunate that certain self-doubts have shackled me from embracing social situations as warmly as I would wish. 

Some shyness has caused me to seem occasionally standoff-ish.  

I feel like I have done a mostly serviceable job of masking such insecurities. 

But all of it is a shame. 

I got lost this afternoon in a neighborhood some distance behind my apartment.  Single family townhouses, each with perhaps a quarter acre of land, nestled in rolling hills.  

Colorful autumn leaves scattered about.  

As I passed through, I imagined joyous families contained in each home.  None "well off," but all happy. In my estimation. 

Probably watching football.  Getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Children growing anxious for what Christmas offers. 

I deeply appreciate the common person.  

Admire all.  Really. 

But I have always felt, for reasons all my own, outside their warm community.  

1 comment:

  1. " I imagined" "In my estimation".
    Key words.
    No one really knows what happens inside someone's home.
    We would all like to assumed that they are happy and content but the law of averages are against that theory.
    Never feel like a outsider because you never know what the inside is really composed of. It might not be all that warm and fuzzy.
    Some people envy and admire you.
    You may not realize it but that is a true statement.