Tuesday, November 13, 2012



…I am certainly doing it.

I sort of fell in to the lifestyle. But, upon present assessment, I am generally glad that I had.

Dreaming was not really getting me anywhere and was mostly causing disappointment. Instead of dreaming, I have grasped my own real satisfaction via a two-step process.

First, I needed to refocus a bit, primarily, on determining what obtainable things deliver me the most pleasure in life. Which I identify as working out, reading, writing, learning, moderate craft beer enjoyment, and a growing amateur radio hobby.

And step two: I had to imagine the enjoyment of those things, and life in general, on a broader scale.

In my experience, I have found that I have constantly been chasing ultimately-unsatisfying excesses because I was never certain of what tomorrow offered.

I had to work out as hard as possible each day because of the thought that some glorious opportunity requiring superior conditioning would be offered any of the following days.

I had to study for every possible exam because one of them, any of them, would be the exam that reveals the path to a fantasized profession of my dreams.

Always preparing. For something. Anything. Well, for nothing really.

I just needed to take a step back. And, upon doing so, I see that I am in a really good spot.

I needed a plan, and one that required much less dreaming.

My job is beginning to become a career. My current area of residence is slowly turning to “where I live.”

And so I grind.

I do good but not extraordinary work. But I am making career progress. Promotions are likely and follow-on opportunities will no doubt present themselves in time.

No need for upheaval. The desire to find a new job, relocation, or experience some other change in order to discover full enjoyment in life is unfounded.

I can obtain all that right here. Now, and in the future.

I am going to begin to invest modestly, making monthly contributions to my employer-matched retirement fund.

As mentioned previously, I have plans to adopt a cat. Events have mostly stabilized and I could use a little buddy with whom to hang out through the long run.

Once I can afford to do so, I will probably move closer to work. Ideally, somewhere in northern Virginia. And I don’t imagine that it will be many years before I utilize a VA loan to invest in a house.

So, life is good. A grind. And not exactly what I expected. But certainly good nonetheless. I am healthy and secure, and with sufficient means to keep from wanting for much.

And happy? Attainment of such, I have found, is a matter of perspective. Perspective, of which I now thankfully enjoy.

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  1. I am glad that you are finding yourself and in doing that you are also finding some happiness and contentment.
    I also know that, given the opportunity, you will re-up into active service with the Army. I know that would make you happy also.
    Either way the emotion is the same....hopefully satisfaction.
    You are heading in the right direction.
    I am happy.