Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Thirst. For Knowledge.

My passion had been lost.  But now it is found. 

For quite a while, I have been "enjoying" life.  But, all the same, not getting from life all I have wanted. 

Lately, that has changed.  The "old me," which, really, is the "new me" is back.  And I am so greatly thankful for it. 

And a renewed thirst for knowledge reinvigorates me. 

For the past couple of months, I have been a singularly-focused slug. A different thirst had overtaken me. 

Leisure has mostly consisted of drinking.  Sometimes socially, and sometimes not.  And there is nothing wrong with that...

...Except the lack of balance.  

That balance has been reclaimed.  And I feel reinvigorated.  

Reinvigorated by my love of reading, writing, and learning. 

Drinking has been moderated.  And I spend most of my time in the bookstore.  Again.  

Which is enjoyable now at the location available to me presently.  But will be even better when Barnes & Noble opens next weekend.  

I had slipped in to drinking on work nights. Of any mistake I have made, this is the one that disappoints me the most.  

However, I uncovered the hazards of my growing habit, and limited it as needed.  

Drinking has its place.  But responsibility does as well. 

Production at work has increased.  And my own professional satisfaction has, naturally, grown simultaneously. 

More importantly, a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  I am at peace.  I am happiest when reading Chaucer, about Hemingway, studying Russian, or picking up a new hobby (I plan to test for my Ham licence).  

And there's something else.  

My admiration for history has always caused religion to be an interest of mine; not because of my own spirituality which has been mostly absent, but because of the fascinating sociological influence religion has had shaping the world in which we now live. 

For a long time, I have felt drawn to the Orthodox Christian church.  So much so that over a year ago, I visited a cathedral.  While a resident of D.C., I contacted the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, stopped by, and had a warm conversation with Father Johnson.  

But never attended service. 

Now, I will take the next step.  I may have located a parish that offers a flock of which I wish to join.  

And finally...

Upon returning from my business trip to Seattle in December, I have my mind set on adopting a kitten.  

Many a noted author has identified a feline friend as his or her most influential muse. 

I have been this close to rescuing a kitten in the past few days.  I have exercised restraint, and have been reading about what it takes to be a responsible cat owner.  

I am making my apartment kitten-safe and waiting for the right feline companion to become available to me. And, in December, I will snatch him or her up.  

I feel renewed. 

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