Sunday, September 9, 2012

A (tentative) Plan

Luckily, I have it all figured out.  Again.  

Following up on the sentiments of my most recent post, I can now say that I can see it all coming together.  

After successfully overcoming an Army physical fitness test yesterday... 

... and receiving my unit Commander's recommendation, I begin the candidates' school in October to become a commissioned officer in the Virginia National Guard. 

In my real life, I have been giving more and more thought to an eventual return to North Dakota. With increasing seriousness. 

So it just makes sense that I quit kicking the idea around, and finally attend law school at the University of North Dakota as I have considered for a few years now.  

I have already taken the Law School Admissions Test and did well enough to gain admission to UND.  However, I figure I may as well take it again in December after some rigorous preparation (prep for the first sitting consisted primarily of beer-pong).  

Perhaps if I do well enough, UND will not only accept me, but help with the financials; the one aspect that has most caused my reluctance to take this step.  

And, see, there is a sign that this path is the correct one.  This place is opening in my neighborhood...

...I have an atypical bookstore fascination, and actually look forward to hours spent there, nose deep in LSAT study guides. 


This just make sense.  

If accepted to the accelerated Officer Candidates' School, I would become commissioned during the late spring of next year.  I would stay in the National Guard, and transfer to North Dakota.  As a member of the Guard, I should qualify for in-state tuition at UND's School of Law.  Moreover, I may be able to leverage the Service to help fund some of the expense.  

The big picture: Ultimately, I imagine the professional opportunities being pretty robust for a combat-experienced, commissioned officer with his Juris Doctorate, and a Top Secret security clearance.  

And that J.D. will be achieved in North Dakota, where I deeply yearn to be. 

Of course, give me until tomorrow to change my mind :)  But it sure sounds pretty compelling right now.  


  1. Sure, want us to move to VA and then you take off to ND.

  2. Lol! You caught me. Aren't you supposed to be at the casino?? :)

    Swear to whatever is worth swearing to, if you all agreed to it, I would just move the whole of us to North Dakota.

    Get a house, a dog, a totally stress-free job, and just enjoy life.